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Onsite Support during COVID-19

As the Alberta Government allows companies to open their doors with a phased approach during the COVID-19 pandemic, we know that there may be the need for onsite IT Support. From an IT support perspective, Ascent3 IT wanted to provide the guidelines that we are following to do our part in maintaining a safe working environment.

As our team uses remote monitoring and maintainable support tools, we will continue to offer as much of our support remotely as possible ensuring the security and maintenance of your environment. For customer meetings and strategy sessions, our team will use Zoom or MS Teams for remote meetings. However, should it be required that our team come onsite for IT Support, we will be taking the following approach:

  • Social Distancing: Our team will maintain the recommended social distance of 2M as per Alberta Health Services.

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Our team is equipped with PPE including masks and gloves and will enter your site with the appropriate PPE required by your organization.

  • Hand Sanitizer: Prior to entering your place of work, our team will use hand sanitizer, and prior to working on a machine, our team will reapply hand sanitizer.

  • Sanitizing Wipes: Prior to working on your machine, our team will clean your keyboard, and will again clean your keyboard after completing the work.

  • If a member of our team is feeling unwell, an alternative team member will be sent to your site to provide support.

  • If a member of our team is out of the province, the team member will quarantine on return for 14 days prior to providing onsite support.

  • Should a member of our team come into contact with COVID-19 in the community, the team member will quarantine for 14 days prior to providing onsite support.

If at any point, as a customer you have any questions about our approach, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

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