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  • Imre Hugya

4 Reasons to move to Office 365

For organizations that have been running Outlook and the Microsoft suite without issues, the question that we often hear is “If I’m not having any issues, why should I look at migrating to Office 365?”. It’s an understandable question. Migration comes with costs and even from Outlook to Outlook there are risks but the benefits are worth it. It might seem surprising but Office 365 has been around since 2011 and is mature and proven technology, so let’s look at the benefits:

Work from anywhere.

Office 365 provides your users with flexibility on how they access not only their email, but all of their Microsoft related documents. Whether by phone, on a tablet, or on their laptop, work connectivity is easy with up to 5 devices being able to be linked. Whether in the office or at home, remote access can happen from anywhere.

Reliability & Security.

Office 365 is a cloud-based solution that has the power of Microsoft’s Azure behind it. This means that they are not limited to a server in your office or a small data center. Connectivity and reliability of service is their bread and butter, so they have put the infrastructure in place to make sure that down-time is very limited. Security and business continuity are also a major part of this offering as your services beyond being highly available are always patched and securely stored.

Licensing & Bundles.

When you make the jump to Office 365, there are a number of bundles so that you can choose the level of licensing that meets your team’s needs and your budget. It is very easy to change or update your licensing and you have access to central management of your licensing so that you don’t have to try and remember who has what. In addition, Office 365 makes on-boarding and off-boarding a simple process, allowing you to easily turn on or off licensing.

Automatic Updates.

If you go back to the 00’s, whenever Outlook released a new version of Word, Excel or Outlook, depending on your licensing you had to pay for the update, and you had to go through a migration process. With Office 365, you get upgrades automatically with no additional costs, and with all the enhancements as soon as they are released.

Office 365 gives you an easy way to manage your Office licensing with secure central management. It provides improved data security, and access where your team needs it. Let us help you move today.

Ascent3 IT is an Edmonton based IT Support and Consulting company focused on helping small and medium businesses get the most out of their IT budget.

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