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4 Reasons you should shut down your machine daily.

Most users wonder whether it’s actually necessary to shut down their machine on a daily basis. Does it actually make a difference to the machine? To the environment? It’s a debate that has been around as long as computers have.

With users increasingly working from home due to COVID-19 lockdowns, some are leaving their machines running for days or weeks without a restart or a shut down. While this might not seem like a big deal, it does actually impact both your organizational security and the computers themselves.

Here are 4 Reasons why you should shut down your machine daily:

#1 - Security Updates

Whether it be the regular monthly Microsoft software updates, firmware updates, or security updates, many of these are tied into a computer restart. If users are not restarting their machines on a regular basis, this can mean that your organization is potentially looking at a security gap. By shutting down each night, users don’t have to restart during their working hours to get the latest updates into place and company data is more secure. Added benefit from a security standpoint is that by shutting down, it helps to protect the confidentiality of data as there’s always a risk that someone can access those files. Reminder: Confidentiality breaches are especially possible if a user walks away from the computer without at least locking the screen!

#2 - Improved Performance

When users do not regularly shut down or restart they may find that their system is slowing down. There are a number of reasons for this from random programs that are hogging resources to fragmented files that are taking up processing power, and shutting down regularly helps free up resources allowing the machine to run faster. Other ways it can help performance? It can help with driver crashes giving the system a chance to fix them with a restart and it can help with wi-fi performance as well by reloading the computer’s wi-fi tool.

#3 - Environmentally & Pocketbook Friendly

Keeping computers running 24/7 requires consuming more electricity which is not great for the environment. By having staff shut down at the end of the day it does make a difference… but if that argument doesn’t work for some, the cost of running a computer non-stop adds up. Not only does running a laptop continuously cost on average $54 per year per machine, companies will see increased costs associated with repairing and replacing computer equipment due to increased ‘use’.

#4 - Extended Lifespan

Wondering what the increased use can mean to computer lifespan? Computers will wear out over time, but some parts are more sensitive than others. For instance, laptop batteries are significantly shortened by being continually on as they will see more charge cycles, and LCD panels only have around 2 years of 24/7. Turning off machines at night will ensure longer life for the more sensitive computer components.

As an IT Consulting company, we recommend that our customers consider regularly shutting down to help maintain their computers, their budgets, and to keep their systems more secure.

Interested in discussing your IT needs? Let us know.

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