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Does my team need IT Security Training?


Now we could leave it at that… but that won’t convince you on why.

As much as we don’t think of it this way, most companies are now technology companies as their operations are built on technology. From communications to accounting to managing your customers or contacts, all of this data is stored either onsite or in the cloud - and not having access to those systems and data due to a security breach can shut your business down for hours (or days).

And how do most security breaches happen? Your employees.

61% of data breaches included credential theft in 2020. And 36% of breaches involved phishing. (phishing being where an attacker sends a fraudulent message that is designed your employees into revealing sensitive information). *

Over 85% of breaches involved a human element in 2020 - and the best way to help your employees understand the risks is to train them on what the risks are and how to protect against them.

Phishing in particular has increased since COVID started. Successful attacks can lead to lost data, accounts being compromised, ransomware or malware, and financial losses.

What should your IT Security Training include?

  • Password Security: How to safely store and access passwords and how to not reuse them.

  • Wifi Security: How to safely access wifi outside of the office.

  • Phishing Training: How to identify and not fall for malicious emails.

At Ascent3 IT, we recommend regular training for IT Security, with your staff receiving training at a minimum once a year. For our clients, we have introduced a Learning Management Platform as part of our services that provides this training so that you don’t have to build it yourself.

Our training platform allows you to schedule and track training as well as test the outcomes with simulated phishing. Your team will not only get training but hands on practise at identifying phishing attempts. Beyond this, it makes your HR teams life infinitely easier as they can see who has completed the training which is key for your cyber insurance plans.

*Verizon 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report

About Us:

Ascent3 IT is an Edmonton based IT Support and Services company focused on helping small and medium businesses make their IT secure, reliable and cost effective.

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